Exothermic Welding

The TokaiWeld connection process employs an exothermic reaction of thermite composition to heat the metal to permanently join the conductors.

The TokaiWeld permanent connection process has been engineered to be an easy and efficient welding system. No outside power, bulky gas tanks or other equipment associated with welding are required with the TokaiWeld system.

The weldmetal powder, consisting of powdered aluminium and copper oxide, is poured into a graphite mould following by ignition powder and ignited by means of an ordinary flint gun. The resultant exothermic welding reaction produces high temperatures molten copper and aluminium oxide slag.

The molten copper melts the steel retaining disc and flows down the Tap hole and over the conductors in the weld chamber, melting and welding them into a solid homogeneous joint. The whole process takes no more than a few seconds.

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Typical Cross Section Diagram

1) Mould Cover
2) Starting Powder
3) Mould Cup
4) Weldmetal Powder
5) Steel Retaining Disc
6) Weld Chamber
7) Tap Hole
8) Locating Pin
9) Cable (conductor)
10) Conductor Area
11) Earth Rod

Benefits of Exothermic Welding

An exothermic welded connection may be tested by any of the non-destructive technique applicable to other welding processes. These include x-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrate.

None of these techniques can be used in a compression or crimped connection, since the joint will show up as a crack, which is actually what it is.

The exothermic welded connections can also be inspected visually since one can see immediately if welding has taken place. On the other hand one cannot see if a compression joint has been made correctly.

Mechanical connections can result in the following:
Increase in time causes corrosion. Increases in corrosion cause increase in resistance. Increase in resistance causes heat, which in turn accelerates the corrosion. The ultimate result is premature failure. Exothermic connections avoid these problems.

Machined cross section of exothermic welded connections shows excellent fusion of conductors

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