Company Of The Year Award

Brand of the Year 2013

The Objectives

  • To honour individuals and companies that demonstrate the core values of business excellence;
  • To assist in shaping the corporate landscape through innovative & dynamic processes;
  • To provide a notable opportunity for new and established outstanding companies to be acknowledged as an excellent leader in the market
  • To encourage corporate sustainability and social responsibility;
  • To benchmark the principles of meritocracy, credibility, accountability and transparency;
  • To advance corporate missions and visions;
  • To bridge strategic partnership, joint venture and transcontinental cooperation;
  • To raise the overall quality and competitive edge from local to global;

A premier comprehensive national award conducted annually opens to excellent “companies” of all industries and all sizes as well as prominent“individuals” from Giant Companies, Listed Companies, International Companies, Foreign Companies, Government Linked Companies (GLCs), Government-Friendly Companies (GFCs) and Small/Medium Enterprise or Industries (SMEs or SMIs).

Criteria & Eligibility
All applicants shall be invited by the joint organisers or recommended by business organisations, professional bodies or related authorities, and self-submission shall obtain prior approval by the joint organisers. They will be judged on overall performances, particularly on

(a) annual revenue – 15%
(b) profit– 30%
(c) strategy of management– 10%
(d) marketing & growth– 10% 
(e) human capital– 10% 
(f) achievements – 15% 
(g) entrepreneurship – 10%

Each and every applicant should be:

  1. Incorporated in Malaysia and oversea in compliance with the relevant rules of law, having no bankruptcy records and/or proceedings and/or on-going cases for criminal breach of trust;
  2. In operation for at least 1 year or in similar standing;
  3. Maintaining an increasing and steady profit growth backed up with sound financial management and is financially viable into the future;
  4. Retaining a tested and proven record of excellence and sustainability;
  5. Demonstrating a commitment and determination to exceptional quality and entrepreneurship;
  6. Possessing a well-charted business plan and execution strategy;
  7. Other related qualification and excellence.

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