Tokai WXLine

Lightning/Storm Warning System 

Be alerted of impending lightning strikes and activate defensive measures with Tokai-WXLine Lighting / Storm Warning System. This state-of-the-art EARLY DETECTION SYSTEM for critical industrial installations features StrikeGuard Lightning Warning System and Wave Siren that has an amazing 32km detection range!

Tokai-WXLine mitigates the lightning threat by eliminating all responsibility,  data interpretation, or intervention from staff or management for safety decisions regarding lightning alarm and all clear conditions (StrikeGuard). Lightning alarm and all clear conditions are communicated automatically to staff and patrons (WAVE SIRENS / STROBES, STRIKE VIEW). Sensitive equipment is automatically isolated and protected during a thunderstorm and reconnected after the storm passes (WAVE SEQUENCERS).

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StrikeGuard & WAVE Siren Key Features

StrikeGuard Lightning Warning System Features:

  • Optical-coincidence lightning detector with proven performance
  • Fiber-optic communication
  • Sensor operates autonomous of mains power
  • No maintenance for three years – no sensor cleaning
  • 20-mile detection range.
  • Triggers on 20, 10 or 5 miles
  • Hourly self-test with status indicator

WAVE SIREN (Wireless Audible & Visual Enunciator) System Features:

  • WAVE Siren Stations receive wireless signals from the WAVE Transmitter within a three kilometer radius
  • High-intensity strobe light remains illuminated during lightning alarm condition and turns off with all-clear sound
  • Configurable for one to four compression-driver horns per Siren Station
  • Solar power option or 90-240 VAC (battery back-up)
  • Hourly self-tests with status indicator
  • High-quality materials (stainless steel, aluminum)

Strike View Software

Strike View Software for Windows provides for additional features:

  • Data logging, additional alarming, countdown timer to all-clear, histogram, e-mail notification, and more
  • Strike View operates across a LAN. Strike View Clients run on workstations across the Network for easy data sharing

SENSE the storm before it reaches you!

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