Total Solutions Provider

Tokai offers a complete range of customized solutions that advances safety and protect critical assets of the nation. These include:

Earthing & Lightning Protection (E&LP) – Tokai’s E&LP provides structural protection and complete solution for structures, residential and commercial buildings as well as the transportation hubs of the nation. 

Electronic Surge Protection (ESP) – A range of highly customized and quality protectors to protect electronic systems. Tokai’s ESP are the front-line defense against transient over-voltages that can otherwise create massive loss, damage and downtime.

Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal (TBAT) – When a thunderstorm approaches, TBAT causes the advance discharge (corona) to neutralise the electric charge in the atmosphere, thus reducing the thunderstorm’s electric field and preventing the protected asset from being struck by lightning.

Integrated Security Solutions – these front-line solutions includes Anti-Terrorist High Security Bollards, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS), Visitor Management System, High Security Card Access and many more.

In addition, Tokai offers quality consultancy that includes:

  • Site Evaluation – Tokai offers complete site evaluation complete with major site findings, causes of damages and customized solutions in accordance to the highest International Standards
  • Consultancy Engineering & Design – this includes total surge protection design, comprehensive lightning and earthing designs, technical drawings as well as risk assessment.
  • Training – Tokai provides highly practical yet intensive training on earthing designs, lightning protection techniques as well as protection of electronic systems.
  • Security audit and planning – the increase of terrorist activities on a global scale has increased the need for comprehensive security planning. Tokai is capable of providing detailed security audit and risk assessment to various facilities.

Other professional services include:

  • Consultancy for structural lightning protection
  • Consultancy for electronic system protection
  • Site survey and soil resistivity analysis

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Tokai’s world-class lightning protection systems and security engineering solutions keep the nation’s infrastructures safe and minimizes downtime. If you have any enquiries or require further information, get in touch with us! Our qualified and highly experienced personnel is available to provide quality consultation and to offer the customized solution for your needs.