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TERRORISM ON THE RISE. Are we fully prepared against an act of terrorism on our home soil?

The worldwide threat of Terrorism has challenged Tokai to prepare previously unthinkable situations that may threaten the security of the CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES of the nation. These include Oil & Gas and National Infrastructures. PROXY TERRORISM is a new phenomena that deploys acts of terrorism across the world regardless of socio or political considerations. Even Muslim nations like Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia have not been spared from these acts of terrorism, as evident in the Bali, Marriot Hotel, HSBC Bank-Ankara bombings as well as the daily carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In our very home soil, the intrusion of Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu by armed foreigners is the clearest sign that Malaysia is not spared from the clutches of terrorism.

Effort and action must be taken to protect the people, assets and operations of our CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES to ensure Malaysia remains a peaceful, stable and prosperous nation.


  • To protect people, assets and operations from the threat of Terrorism and Lightning.
  • To utilize the latest state-of-the-art, world-class security engineering solutions to protect and harden all critical infrastructures of the nation.
  • To provide real-time security monitoring and management systems.
  • To enhance security monitorings and facilitate crisis management solutions.

Tokai’s TISSAM Solutions are deployed in the heart of Putrajaya, from the official residence of our Prime Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office and Prime Minister’s Department. TISSAM also protects the central banking infrastucture of the nation.


Tokai ATG-Access Bollards: We are the market leader in automatic bollard systems for access control, security and traffic management. Our name has become a byword for innovation and we are quite literally setting the standard for the industry, combining technical know-how with a comprehensive customer care and back-up service. Simple to use, versatile and highly effective, our automatic systems offer an incredibly resistant barrier which will disappear when not in use, but when on duty can literally stop a vehicle in its tracks.

Such is Tokai’s standard of excellence that our lightning protection and security engineering solutions are deployed in the official residence of our Prime Minister as well as various Government offices in the heart of Putrajaya. Tokai ATG-Access’ bollards conform to the highest international accreditation in the industry, complying with the International British Impact test.

Automatic Telescopic Bollards
Applications for automatic telescopic bollards
  • pedestrianization
  • bus gates
  • access controls
  • security management
Manual Operated Telescopic Bollards
Applications for manual telescopic bollards include
  • anti-ram raid situations
  • car showrooms
  • access controls
  • car parks
  • retail parks
  • domestic driveways
Static Telescopic Bollards
Applications for static telescopic bollards include
  • pedestrianization schemes
  • retail & commercial lots
  • industrial areas
  • shop fronts
  • domestic parking areas

(Tokai-ATG Access Bollard Video)

Tokai ATG-Access Bollard Installations In Malaysis and across the world



Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)
Outdoor security sensors detect intruders as soon as they enter a protected area and before they can gain access to people or valuable assets. In a correctional environment, security sensors can be used to immediately detect prison escape attempts. A quality outdoor security system demonstrates a significant return on investment by reducing the risk of theft, damage or personal injury.

Tokai's state-of-the-art PIDS protects critical infrastructures and key installations of the nation.

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Complete IP Video Security Solutions

Providing complete IP video security solutions, backed by the global leader Indigo Vision, our solutions are backed by first class support. A totally seamless flow of systems delivers a fully integrated and easy to manage security solution. Working across various market sectors, we serve end users to improve their operational efficiency, enhance public safety and enable timely emergency response.

Our solutions are fully compliant to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 International standard requirements.

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Security Door System

Today’s world demands accessibility and security at the same time. Combining these apparent contradictions is challenging, but accessibility and security meet each other in our wide range of ingenious security products. We have developed one of the most sophisticated ranges of security access products available today, allowing you to monitor and manage the flow of people into and around your premises. Our security access products are capable of interfacing with virtually any access control system throughout the world.

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