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Tokai NISSAM is the acronym for National Integrated Safety, Security and Management. It is an integrated system to provide situational awareness to detect, respond and act on the possibility or threat of collision, intrusion, environmental calamity, pirate and terrorist attacks, illegal shelter or encroachment and to facilitate search and rescue operations to enforcement authorities.

National Security Council (NSC)

The objective of NSC is to safeguard all of Malaysian – its people, its asset, environment and reputation from terrorist threats foreign and domestic. JAWATANKUASA PUSAT SASARAN PENTING NEGARA (JPSP) classifies two categories of installation namely:

CATEGORY 1 : An installation whose products or services are of the highest operational or economic importance or vital to the functioning of the Government and whose total loss or severe damage would be critical owing to lack of any alternative.

CATEGORY 2: An installation whose products or services are very important and whose total loss or severe damage would have serious consequences on the national economy, national defense or the due functioning of the Government owing to difficulties of replacement.

The NSC's key focus is on 8 critical Economic Infrastructure of the nation namely Government Operations, Oil & Gas Storage & Delivery, Water Supply System, Banking & Financial, Transportation, Electrical Energy, Information System and Telecommunications and Emergency Services.

Tokai's NISSAM and TISSAM are frontline defenses against the growing threats from domestic and international terrorist attacks.