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IP Video Security Solutions

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ISO Certification


IP Video Security Solutions

Powerful Software for Maximum Situational Awareness

Response Escalation

Monitor incoming data from anywhere on the network for global visibility of incidents as they occur in real time. Distribute response priority to those with the right knowledge and authority:

  • day-to-day routines to on-site operator
  • system faults to maintenance staff
  • critical response to HQ or other agencies

Threat Escalation

Alarm zones aggregate events within an area, reducing total alarms, allowing Operators focus on real incidents, without being swamped by thousands of events. Put neighboring zones into alert to track escalating threats.



Fast Forensics

Powerful tools to search recordings for evidence by analysing both video and audio content. Video example: "Give me every time someone walked down these steps". Audio example: "Find me the point when this window was broken last night".

Find evidence fast using video thumbnails, indexed by alarms, events, motion and audio profiles. A huge timesaver, events can be found in seconds instead of hours! Export evidence from multiple sources into one incident and review in a full powered standalone player.



Unique distributed architecture: no central server, no single point of failure, latency minimized, network bandwidth distributed. Reduces hardware costs as no redundant servers needed.



Easy Setup, Easy To Use

Incredibly easy to install and set up. From software installation to viewing cameras in typically less than an hour. Intuitive to operate. Display multiple cameras in a single drag and drop operation.