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Earthing & Lightning Protection (E&LP)

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Earthing & Lightning Protection (E&LP)

Lightning is one of nature's most spectacular and destructive phenomenons. Lightning discharges have been measured from several thousand amps to over 200,000 amps – enough to light half a million 100 watt bulbs. A lightning strike to an unprotected building packing 100 million volts of electricity has the force to rip through roofs, explode concrete walls, resulting in fire, physical damage, total property loss and even death. The secondary effects include catastrophic damage to electronic systems, data and information.

The devastating threat of lightning strikes can be further magnified with the knowledge that Malaysia has one of the world's highest numbers of lightning days recorded in a year and we are ranked at no2! Statistics has shown that Malaysia has an average of *204 lightning days which is equivalent to an amazing 40 strikes per square kilometer per year.

Let Tokai protect you. Our internationally accredited and ISO certified solutions will provide the key protection in the most critical moments of a lightning strike. Stay safe with Tokai!

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