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Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal

When a thunderstorm approaches, Tokai Bipolar Air Teminal TKA 300 causes the advance discharge (corona) to neutralise the electric charge in the atmosphere, thus reducing the thunderstorm’s electric field and preventing the protected asset from being struck by lightning.


Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal Operating Principles

Learn more about the latest technology in Air Termination Solutions through our Fact Sheet.


Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal - Telecommunications

Tokai Bipolar Airt Terminal (T-BAT) specifically for the telecommunications industry


Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal - Solar Farm

Tokai Bipolar Airt Terminal (T-BAT) specifically for the solar farms.


Stray Current Corrosion Monitoring System

Stray current as defined in BS EN 50122-2 as the part of a current which follow paths other than the intended paths and the consequence of stray current is that where it leaves a buried metal object, electrolytic corrosion will occur, frequently in highly localised areas and potentially leading to loss of material and damages. Learn how Tokai's solution provides the necessary protection.


TISSAM - Tokai Integrated Safety, Security And Management

Tokai is all about protecting your assets and the nation's critical installations from any form of threats on the domestic and international front. Our specialized solutions are tailored according to our client's requirements and they represent the frontline defense agains terrorist attacks.


Tokai Earthing & Lightning Protection (E&LP)

A comprehensive catalogue featuring Tokai's solutions for earthing and lightning protection. Tokai's expertise and vast experience is an incredible asset to provide effective, trusted and proven solutions to provide critical protection in the face of nature's awesome fury!


Tokai Electronic Surge Protection (ESP)

A comprehensive catalogue featuring Tokai's protective solutions for today's wide array of electronical systems. These complete range of proven and world-class products conform to the highest international safety standards and is designed to protect your system from unneccessary downtime and loss of data.


Tokai Exothermic Welding

Tokai's cutting edge Exothermic Welding Catalogue provides complete data and product listing of its Exothermic Welding capabilities, as well as its diverse applications.


Tokai Earth Seal

Tokai's waterproof Earth Seal is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of earthing and lightning protection installations that require penetration of concrete foundation slabs in areas of high water table.