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Security Door Systems

1. Circleslide Door Systems

Our Circleslide is a curved automatic sliding door that gives a sensation of space to those entering it. Incorporating self-learning technology, our Circleslide offers extremely smooth and quiet movement. The door provides enough space for people pushing prams or trolleys, carrying luggage and people in wheelchairs. The soft arc appearance and transparent design make the Circleslide an impressive and stylish entrance. The Circleslide can be perfectly integrated into any type of architecture.

A variety of configurations enable us to offer you a suitable entrance solution for almost any building. The Circleslide is also often used in renovation projects to replace regular sliding doors. Curved sliding doors offer wider entrance openings then flat sliding doors. You will often find our Circleslide in offices, hotels and restaurants, shopping centres and supermarkets, airports and many types of public buildings.

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2. Crystal Tourniket Door Systems

The Crystal Tourniket uses a combination of laminated and toughened glass to reduce the traditionally framed elements of the door to a bare minimum. The result is a virtually transparentrevolving door that is perfect for use with contemporary glass facades while still blending inbeautifully with more classical architectural styles.

The Crystal Tourniket is available with 3 or 4 door wings in a wide range of sizes. With the choice of manual or automatic operation, clear or coloured glass and optional night locking doors, the Crystal Tourniket is a truly versatile entrance that is both stylish and functional. The variety of configurations makes the Crystal Tourniket the perfect choice for medium traffic flow applications such as hotels, offices and many other types of buildings.

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3. Duotour Door Systems

The Duotour is a 2-wing revolving door with spacious compartments that easily accommodate large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. It provides simple, bi-directional, straight-line access and has a high capacity throughput of people. The unique design of the Duotour turns an ordinary entrance into an environmentally friendly and attractive entrance.

All Duotours include central doors within the two-wing door set which can be used for emergency escape purposes or left open when the full environmental benefits of the revolving door are not required. The AC model uses break-out swing doors (see fig 1) to provide the maximum possible clear width and the AS version has automatic sliding doors (see fig 2). This allows the Duotour to be used as a fully automatic revolving door, an automatic sliding entrance or to be left completely open as traffic flow or special circumstances dictate. All in all, the Duotour is without doubt the most versatile entrance money can buy.

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4. Tournex Door Systems

The Tournex is a sophisticated automatic revolving door with spacious compartments, easily able to cope with intensive pedestrian traffic flow while protecting the building environment from draughts. With a range of diameters up to 7400mm, the Tournex is large enough to safely accommodate shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs, making it a truly impressive and versatile solution.

The Tournex is available with 3 or 4 door wings. The 3-wing models offer greater compartment space for additional comfort and easier passage for large items, whereas the 4-wing models provide wider throat openings which allow more efficient two-way traffic flow and a balanced appearance. All door sets are collapsible to provide wide escape routes in the event of fire or other emergency situations.

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5. Tourniket Door Systems

The Tourniket is a high quality revolving door with eye-catching features. Its unique design combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of flexibility. From saving energy costs to the use of intelligent safety features, every aspect of this revolving door is designed to fulfill the needs of our customers.

The Tourniket is available with 2, 3 or 4 wings, with each configuration offering its own unique advantages. The 2-wing Tourniket is an automatic revolving door with the largest possible segment size, ideally suited to applications where people need to carry luggage or other bulky items. The 3- and 4-wing Tourniket versions are available with manual or automatic operation depending on size and application. The 3-wing models provide a balance of segment size, throat opening and capacity while the 4-wing versions provide the most efficient bi-directional pedestrian traffic flow, because of the wider throat opening.

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5. Twintour Door Systems

Our Twintour is a unique revolving door concept with an unprecedented passage capacity. The Twintour provides a bi-directional, straight-line access and easily accommodates large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. Combining the highest possible capacity and ease of use with maximum flexibility, we offer a modular revolving door concept allowing us to design a high capacity entrance that meet your requirements.

The Twintour is a flexible revolving door concept which consists of two or more 2-wing revolving doors that rotate at right-angles to one another thanks to the specially developed synchronous drive, ensuring the entrance is always draught proof.

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