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Tokai-ATG Access Anti Terrorist Bollard SP1000

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Tokai-ATG Access Anti Terrorist Bollard SP1000

Tokai ATG-ACCESS Anti Terrorist Bollard SP1000

The SP1000 anti-terror/high security bollards are available as Automatic, Fixed, Shallow Mount, and Manually Retractable. The ultimate security bollard, the SP1000 automatic bollards sits at the very top of the range. The SP1000 automatic bollard was the first of our bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing programme. The bollard was first hit at 30mph by a fully laden 7.5tonne truck, then at 50mph with a fully laden 7.5 tonne truck and, on each occasion, performed a complete dead stop of the vehicle. The SP1000 was also featured on television when it was tested on Channel 5's flagship motoring programme ‘Fifth Gear’.

The SP1000 is available as a standard fixed bollard with a civil installation depth of 2 metres. The SP1000 is also available as a shallow mount fixed bollard with a civil installation of 112mm.

The application

The SP 1000 acts as a solution for stopping a vehicle of 7.5 tonnes travelling at 50mph, while being aesthetically pleasing. This product has been installed at a wide variety of sites around the world ranging from commercial, industrial, and governmental, to heavily pedestrianised areas.

The Benefits

  • Impact tested in accordance with BSI PAS 68:2010, and also ASTM (DOS) K12 tested
  • Modular design makes service and maintenance especially straightforward
  • Will integrate with any access control system
  • Full installation service or supply only
  • Matching static, lift-out, manually retractable, and shallow mount bollards
  • Intelligent software/operation is an option
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Proven product and technology

Options & Extras

  • Stainless steel sleeve
  • Intelligent control system available
  • Traffic lights
  • Access control

Technical Specifications

  • Testing Criteria: BSI PAS 68 : 2010
  • Vehicle weight: 7,500kg
  • Vehicle speed: 80km/h (50mph)
  • Full PAS 68 Designation: 7500(N2)80/90:0/10
  • 305mm Diameter on RAL or galvanised finish
  • 323mm Diameter on stainless steel finish or RAL colour (sleeve)
Diameter   305mm
Height   1000mm range
Wall Thickness   Confidential
Finish   Galvanised, RAL colour sleeve, or stainless steel sleeve
Foundation depth   1900mm

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(ATG SP1000 Crash Test Video)