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Why Bollards?

Bollards are one of the only choices for pedestrian friendly protection from vehicle attack. They are simple yet strong barriers which may be fixed, removable, or telescopic.  Different aesthetics may be applied through the use of various coatings and sleeves to allow the barriers to be part of the holistic design of the site. Simple applications such as kerbside bollards can provide safety to pedestrians from traffic.  Automatic Bollards can safely operate in the pubic highway or outside building entrances to provide secure, low maintenance access control which can be integrated with stand alone, local network or large scale traffic or building management systems. Bollards are the perfect choice for TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT and they are the front-line defense against TERRORISM.

Bollards are extremely safe for pedestrians and provides much needed, strong vehicle deterrent.  At the highest design level, high security bollards are capable of stopping  cars and trucks at high speed to maintain a secure perimeter.  For areas with very high pedestrian flow, bollards provide the best way to provide security with pedestrian permeability making them the first choice for entrance at airports, stadiums, skyscraper buildings and commercial areas to name just a few.

With many years of experience in the design and implementation of bollard systems Tokai-ATG Access has an unsurpassed list of offerings.   The options of control systems, access control barriers, hydraulics and aesthetics mean that Tokai-ATG Access can offer various systems to fully meet your project requirements. 


The Tokai-ATG Access VP100 is an automatic bollard completely reliant on an operator. This type of bollard can be utilised on either large, manned car parks or in either residential or commercial applications operated by an individual hand-held key fob.

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The Tokai-ATG Access Manual Retractable bollards were originally designed to complement the Automatic Bollard range but has since been utilised where a larger diameter bollard is the aesthetic choice or to create a visually more challenging deterrent to would-be-thieves or ram-raiders.

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The Tokai-ATG Access SP400 anti-terror/high security bollards are available as Automatic, Fixed, Shallow Mount, and Manually Retractable. This product is designed to protect at the PAS68 level, and is able to stop a fully laden 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph. This shallow mount fixed bollard only requires a civil installation depth of 170mm.

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The ultimate security bollard, the SP1000 automatic bollards sits at the very top of the range. The SP1000 automatic bollard was the first of our bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing programme. The bollard was first hit at 30mph by a fully laden 7.5tonne truck, then at 50mph with a fully laden 7.5 tonne truck and, on each occasion, performed a complete dead stop of the vehicle.

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Tokai-ATG Access electro-hydraulic bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control. The Defender K4 crash test certified bollard provides free movement of pedestrians and is available in a variety of operating sets and arrays. Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the Defender bollard is an economical and effective way of protecting your access points.

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