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Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal

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ISO Certification


Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal

Fully type tested, approved and in compliance to International Standards in Lightning Protection IEC 62305, IEC 62561, IEC 61643-11 and UL Certified.

Product Concept: How it works

When a thunderstorm approaches, Tokai Bipolar Air Teminal TKA 300 causes the advance discharge (corona) to neutralise the electric charge in the atmosphere, thus reducing the thunderstorm’s electric field and preventing the protected asset from being struck by lightning.

Tokai Engineering


  • Stainless Steel Air Terminal shaft (STS-304) and Electrolyte Polishing
  • High Quality Polymer Insulation System similar to those used at High Voltage 132kV/275kV transmission line system
  • Maximum corona discharge performance based on the Bipolar Theory
  • Maintenance free with no moving parts or electronics incorporated


  • Model Name: T-BAT (Tokai Biploar Air Terminal)
  • Model No: TKA 300
  • Height: 400mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2kg

Base Type

  • Floor / Flat mounting type
  • Model No: TKA 300-FM

Field Proven at over 10,000 sites in Asia!


International Standard (IEC 61643-11), Testing Laboratory Established Impulse Current Generator for 10/350µs, Maximum 50kA Lightning Impulse Test


IEC 62561-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Series Test Equipment

  • Crowbar type
  • Class I: 10/350µs Impulse Current Maximum 80kA
  • Standard Lightning Impulse Voltage 1.2/50µs Maximum 200kV


  • Components for Lightning Protection System: Lightning / Ground material steel connectors.
  • Common Ground Module, Carbon Ground Module impedence characteristics test

IEC 61643-11 Class I, Class II Test Equipment

  • RLC Type
  • Class I: 10/350µs Impulse Current Maximum 50kA
  • Class II: 8/20µs Impulse Current Maximum 120kA


  • Surge protection devices (SPD) product characteristics test
  • Operating Duty test

IEC 61643-11 Class III, Test Equipment

  • Combination Ring Wave
  • Standard Lightning Impulse Voltage 1.2/50µs Maximum 20kV
  • Impulse Current 8/20µs Impulse Maximum 10kA


  • Surge protection devices (SPD) product characteristics test
  • Lightning surge protective element characteristics test
  • Power and signal terminal lightning surge simulation
  • IEC 61000 Electromagnetic Compatibility (IEMC) Standard Test
Tokai Engineering
Download our Tokai Bipolar Air Terminal Catalogue here
T-BAT is designed and Manufactured by Omni LPS Co. Ltd.