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Security Access Systems

1. Circlelock Security Access

The Circlelock is a circular interlocking door system that prevents unauthorised entrance to your secured area. Several verification systems are available to detect piggybacking and reach the highest possible security level at your entrance. The booth can be customised for a stylish integration into your buildings architecture.

The Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which will open one after the other, creating an interlocking security booth. The Circlelock is a bi-directional security door allowing entry and exit in turn. Our Circlelock is to be found in areas where a high level of security has to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. With a Circlelock, surveillance by a third party, such as guards, is no longer necessary. You will often find our Circlelock in government buildings, banks, airports and corporate offices.

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2. Speedlane 300 Security Access

The Speedlane 300 proves that separating your secure area does not need to be a compromise between a high level of security and contemporary design. The illuminated angel wings give the Speedlane 300 a sleek look while the sophisticated technology hidden behind its beautiful exterior allows for smooth and efficient bi-directional access control ensuring only authorised people can enter your secured area.

With a high capacity throughput and a slim design the Speedlane 300 is ideal for situations where large numbers of people need to pass through a narrow secured entrance. Intermediate units, with door wings on both sides, are available to effectuate a multiple

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3. Speedlane 900 Security Access

Our Speedlane 900 guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions. Sliding doors open into the casings, permit authorised passage and block unauthorised entry whilevisible and audible alarms draw the attention of security or reception personnel. The Speedlane 900 has several options in finishing and can be manufactured to match or complement many surroundings, making this security barrier appropriate for almost any building.

The Speedlane 900 is designed for single and multiple lane installations. Multiple lanes are created by inserting intermediate units, which have door wings to both sides, reducing both cost and space requirements. Where multiple lanes are used in busy traffic pedestrian entrances, entry and exit lanes can be allocated to significantly improve traffic flow.

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4. Swinglane 900 Security Access

Our Swinglane combines the advantages of a swing door wing and a long detection lane with a high capacity security barrier providing tailgating prevention and great user comfort. The Swinglane is available as a single- or multiple-lane setup and is compatible with most access control systems, such as card readers or biometric systems. With the Swinglane a visual but inviting security entrance is created for visitors to your building.

The fully automatic Swinglane is available with one or two fast opening swing doors, creating a standard passage or a wider passage to allow wheelchair or trolley entrance. The barrier is suited for bi-directional secured passage, in one direction at a time. By using fast swinging doors that can move in both directions, user comfort and safety is ensured.

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5. Tourlock Security Access

Our Tourlock security door allows a continuous flow of authorised people whilst ensuring that unauthorised people cannot enter. This high security door is designed to integrate with different kinds of authorisation systems, such as card readers and biometric systems. With a choice of several sophisticated security systems, the Tourlock establishes the highest level of security at your entrance.

The Tourlock is available with three or four door wings. The Tourlock 180+90 is a four wing fully automatic revolving door and offers the advantage of simultaneous bi-directional authorised traffic. The Tourlock 120 (three wing version) is available with either manual or automatic operation and provides greater comfort of use for single-direction flows.

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6. Winglock 900 Security Access

The Winglock 900 offers a stylish indoor security access control solution. Constructed from a single frameless tempered glass door wing and a slim column, the Winglock 900 is a very space efficient automatic barrier. The transparent glass and stainless steel design fits unobtrusively into most surroundings.

The Winglock 900 is always locked in the rest position, but will open in the desired direction when authorisation is granted via an access control system or external control panel. Once authorisation is given, the gate opens 90° in the desired direction before closing and relocking.

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