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Welcome! From Tokai AllStars

For Tokai it is all about the communication and our work culture, we cherish an open, honest and personal growth of our people, and this is done specifically and individually. In Tokai we have thought carefully about creating an environment where people want to work and have long-lasting careers.  We hope that we have managed to create a place where people choose to work because of what they believe the company will offer them in terms of the whole experience - compensation, benefits, training, perks, opportunities, development and purpose for being. This year marks our 24th year in the business.

Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia have written a book on this topic called, “How to Become an Employer of Choice.” In it, they define an employer of choice as “any employer of any size in the public, private or not-for–profit sector that attracts, optimizes and holds top talent for long tenure…because the employees choose to be there.”  But first, let us clear the air by saying that we are not stating we are Employers of Choice, but it is an initiative that we are working towards, we are still a long way off but we have steps in place to make sure we are moving in the right direction and momentum.

Hence, we have made it our interest create Tokai as a strong employment brand, We have realized that with our growth we have also strengthened our employment brand in addition to improving employee retention. 
So how do we keep the fire alive in TOKAI, here’s some of our initiatives:-

  • Our senior management’s sincere interest in employee well-being.
  • We create Opportunities for employees to improve skills and capabilities.
  • TOKAI works hard in enforcing social responsibility and giving back to the community through our collaborations with Rotary Malaysia and Stop Hunger Now Malaysia .
  • Opportunities for employees to have input in their departments’ decision making.
  • Our commitment and ability to quickly resolve customer concerns.
  • A Tokai Allstar is always ready to set high personal standards.
  • Excellent career advancement opportunities where we focus on internal promotion and routing their career paths
  • The organization’s encouragement of innovative thinking. We reward those who comes up with ideas that we can implement to further improve our Tokai eco-system

From a morale standpoint, no one believed that we were capable of being better than we do - so we will let our people do the talking;

Ms Lai Soo Egoh, Asst Finance Manager – 21 years of service,

“I am a finance person, I talk in numbers – I have seen Tokai through the years and every year the company has grown stronger, comparing 2016 to 2015, we have seen our sales turnover doubled, and to me it is a simple equation –  Satisfied employees produce good results that, in return, generate the results that are being sought financially and otherwise.”

En Azrulsyam Idzehar, Technical Manager – 16 years of service,
“When I started my career in Tokai, I was hired as a Technician, through the years the company has taken me under their wings and helped hone and carve my career path. Tokai has provided me the training and development and offered me external management training programs that groomed me for future roles. This has in turn inspired me to be the best Manager my team needs me to be”

Mr Ng Meng Khuan, Senior Technical Supervisor – 12 years of service,
“It’s not often a company retains an employee over the age of 60, and Tokai does, in fact 2 of my colleagues are turning 60 this year!
At the end of the day we are looking to work for a company that offers meaningful work – it is that simple

Mr Soo Kok Wai, Technical Supervisor – 17 years
“I am in my 50’s and still climbing up roofs, my work is important but my family is my number 1. I give my best in the work that I do, because I want to make sure that my sons get the education that they deserve.