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Strategic Partners

ATG Access is a world leading manufacturer and designer of access control, high security vehicle barriers and anti-ram telescopic posts. Product innovation is key to our market leading status as well as a dynamic research and development department who invest a lot of their time in quality production processes and focusing product development on product longevity and serviceability.

ATG Access believes in not only designing world leading products such as the world’s shallowest bollard, the world’s only double retractable bollard but also to design the world’s best and most reliable products. This involves looking holistically at product construction and build to ensure long term reliability and serviceability.

ATG Access has a comprehensive network of agents and distributors internationally including five manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, USA and UK. This enables ATG Access to serve and supply any site across the world and deliver consistent quality internationally.


Senstar is the world's leading supplier of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors and systems. They specialize in providing early warning of intrusions into secure areas, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, harm, sabotage, kidnapping and escape. With more than 25 years of experience in outdoor sensor development and implementation, Senstar has an extensive knowledge in the proper design, manufacture, integration and support of high performance outdoor security systems.Senstar-Stellar offers the broadest choice of intrusion detection technology, with the most innovative and cost-effective product range available.

These high performance products are currently used to protect several thousand of the most prominent people and facilities in more than 75 countries worldwide.


IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of complete IP video security solutions. When ‘mission critical’ really matters, people choose IndigoVision for the resilience of our solution backed by first class support. Working across some 20 market sectors, we serve end users to improve their operational efficiency, enhance public safety and enable timely emergency response.

Indigovision are fully compliant to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 International standard requirements. 


Boon Edam has grown from humble beginnings in 1873 in Amsterdam, into a truly global enterprise with hundreds ofemployees in group companies across Europe, Asia and the Americas plus distributors in dozens of other countries. Accessibility and security meet each other in Boon Edam's wide range of ingenious security products, allowing you to monitor and manage the flow of people into and around your premises. Boon Edam companies and distributors work closely with security system providers to ensure seamless integration and trouble-free operation for:

  • Security Doors & Portals
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Access Gates & Barriers

Techno-Sciences is a U.S. high technology company providing safety and security solutions around the world. Our turnkey systems provide maritime, border, SAR, civilian, and military organizations around the world with maritime domain awareness, vessel tracking, oil rig security, SARSAT compliance, and command and control. Headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland, TSi has been in business over 30 years, continuously innovating in hardware and software engineering for for a wide range of customers and applications.